Thursday, October 13, 2016

Mind Maps- My New Research Log

Recently I worked on several projects where I used mind maps to help determine relationships and possible further research. I soon realized that while I was mapping I was recreating my research log in a way that made it easy for me to see what I was thinking while going through the research process. The program used is XMind which can be obtained here. There are both free and pro versions but the free version meets my needs.

The benefits of Mind Maps
  • Links to relevant websites can be added
  • Images can be inserted
  • Can connect searches to see what is or isn't working
  • Can add notes if needed
  • Add a task priority
  • Can also put a task process where you can track the progress of an entry
    • For instance, if you order a record you can update the task process in terms of ordered, received, transcribed, sourced, etc.
I use these in my research log for locating the parents of Alice Hiles.

Mind Map for Alice Hiles, 13 October 2016, made by Rachel Evans